Queer Studies: Queer is Here 

Queer studies is a minor within the Department of Women's and Gender Studies (WGS)

Where do our concepts of gender come from? Who is directing the struggle for rights for queer Americans? How has traditional history overlooked gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) citizens? As a queer studies student, you’ll examine a host of issues that contribute to our ideas about gender, identity, and character. Explore how sexuality, race, class, disability, and the legacies of colonialism collide to define people and how they live. Travel beyond Boy George and lavender linguistics to pioneer studies in this relatively new area of scholarship.

“The proposal for a minor in queer studies responds to student
demand  for courses on topics connected to this field, such as
transgender history, sexualities, or gay legal issues.  For the last
several years students have  expressed the desire for such a program. 
They’ve clearly demonstrated their enthusiasm.” 

- Ellen Scott, faculty member in WGS who oversees the minor

Queer Studies Minor Description
While working toward your minor degree, you’ll complete 24 credit hours of classes that cover everything from lesbian culture and sex and medical ethics to the theory of marriage. Internship credits and study-abroad opportunities also can be used to satisfy some of the credit requirements. Queer studies courses will help you explore the diversity of the LGBTQ communities, the history and present conditions of sexual identity formation, and the function of ideologies of sexuality. Help change the world with your newfound critical thinking skills by promoting respect in the workplace. Aid a city as it institutes its new gay-marriage law. Promote diversity in adoption rights. You’ll be able to create and foster a culturally responsive community wherever you go.

A sample of previous courses offered as part of the QSM:

Women's and Gender Studies: Queer Studies Classes

WGS 199

Special Studies: Ethnicity Gender and Sexuality

WGS 201

Intro to Queer Studies

WGS 331

Science, Technology and Gender

WGS 410/510

Sexuality Studies

WGS 415/515

Top: Sex and Medical Ethics

WGS 415/515

Top: Lesbian Cultures

WGS 415/515

Top: Queer Art Theory

WGS 415/515

Top: Queer Asian American Studies

WGS 415/515

Top: Travel Writing and Tourism

WGS 415/515

Top: Queer Ethnic Lit

WGS 422/522

Queer Migrations

Cross Published Queer Studies Classes

CHN 350

Gender & Sexuality in Traditional Chinese Lit

GER 354

German Gender Studies

COLT 360

Gender and Identitiy in Literature

FLR 370

Folklore and Sexuality

EDST 455

Equal Opp: Homophobia

GEOG 510

Gender and Environment

Contact Professor Ellen Scott for more information about the minor at escott@uoregon.edu