GSA and LGBTQIA Visit Day

                       Spring Campus Visit: February 27, 2015

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Join us at the University of Oregon campus for an official campus visit.  Presentations from student leaders, info about scholarships, financial aid, and admissions.  Learn about our Queer Studies Minor and Gender Inclusive Housing options.  This event is free!
High School Visits
The GSA connects program hosts a campus tour day for GSAs in Lane County. The purpose of this event is an opportunity visit University of Oregon campus and share all of the resources that are available to them. This event includes presentations from admissions, financial aid, the LGBTQA, and more. All of these programs have been put together in an effort to not only give high school students an idea about what college will be like in the future but also to network these GSAs with each other through inclusion in UO campus events and the tour at the end of the year.

If you are interested in having us visit your GSA, please contact the OUTreach Coordinator.

The GSA connects program was created to be a part of the LGBTESSP OUTreach program in an effort to connect with high school GSAs in Lane County and beyond. This program has several goals:

Goal 1: We will provide support to local GSA advisors by offering annual contact meetings, referrals, and access to campus contacts

Goal 2: We will make connections to GSAs by attending local GSA meetings during the year to share resources and invite high school students to connect with the campus community.

Goal 3: We will offer a spring visit for LGBTQ high school students to explore the University of Oregon and the college experience.