Eugene and Springfield Community Resources

There are several community organizations and websites available that will help you to stay connected with the LGBT community of Lane County.  Community group events will be posted to our calendar but, if you have interest in joining one of these groups or organizations we have also provided the necessary contact and background information below.

Informational Websites:

Queer Eugene

Queer Eugene is an LGBTQ website for the Eugene and Springfield area.  The website provides news, events, information on what's happening in the community, resources, and a listing of LGBT-friendly businesses and organizations within the community. They also serve communities across Lane County and throughout Corvallis and Salem.

Community Organizations:

Community Alliance of Lane County (CALC)
The 1966 mission of CALC was to mobilize opposition to the Vietnam War. Over forty years later, CALC continues to challenge militarism, but has deepened our mission to educate and mobilize for peace, human dignity and social, racial and economic justice. CALC addresses root causes of oppression by seeking to change attitudes, behaviors, and policy through education, activism, and cultural means. They aim to challenge themselves and others to address privilege and power, to work collaboratively as effective allies, and help build leadership, especially for disempowered and marginalized people. CALC works for a multi-racial, multi-class, multi-gendered, multi-generational movement on social justice issues and projects.

HIV Alliance

HIV Alliance provides support, prevention and education throughout Lane County, Oregon. It is dedicated to a future free of HIV/AIDS. HIV Alliance provides a multitude of services to the community of Lane County which include; comprehensive and holistic support services, dental services, prevention services and educational presentations. Its mission is to support individuals that are living with HIV/AIDS and to prevent new HIV infections. HIV Alliance values collaboration, empowerment, adaptability and innovation, continuous improvement and non judgment. It hopes to become an international model for effective and efficient HIV prevention, advocacy, care and education.

HIV Alliance’s Center for Client and Prevention Services is located at:
1966 Garden Ave.
Eugene, OR 97403

Phone: 541-342-5088

White Bird Clinic

White Bird is a collective environment organized to enable people to gain control of their social, emotional and physical well-being through direct service, education and community.  They are a non-profit human service agency that has been serving the people of Lane County for over 40 years. They have developed a broad range of services and respond to over 60,000 service requests annually.

The White Bird staff is familiar with most community resources. You can reach their LGBT-friendly counselors at (541) 687-4000.


Trans*Ponder is a local resource hub, support group, and activist faction for the Eugene/Springfield transgender community. We host monthly support groups, social outings, organize educational events, partner with various local organizations to raise awareness on transgender topics through consultations and trainings, and participate in other LGBT events around  town in order to keep the T (of the LGBT) visible and engaged in the conversation. We organize and host many different kinds of events throughout the year and are constantly working on innovative ways to reach out, connect with, and provide support to the local transgender community.

Community Youth Resources

Gay Straight Alliances
Gay Straight Alliances or GSAs are student-run groups that are found in High Schools and Universities across the United States. These groups are intended to provide a safe and supportive environment for students who identify as a part of the LGBTQA community and their allies.

GSAs in Eugene/Springfield area High Schools:

North Eugene High School
Advisor: Aaron Thomas

Springfield High School
Advisor: Gladys Campbell

Thurston High School
Advisor: Jeannine Evans-Todahl

Sheldon High School
Advisor: Paul Shultz

South Eugene High School
Advisor: Julie McGlinsky

Willamette High School
Advisor: Kate Doyle

Winston Churchill High School
Advisor: Debbie Oresik

Pleasant Hill High School
Advisor: Marietta Bonaventure

Spencer's Butte Middle School
Advisor: Teresa Myers

Cottage Grove High School
Advisor: Erin Royse, Alla Blanca

Looking Glass
Looking Glass is a program within the community that supports teenagers when they are in need of assistance while trying to address difficult problems. They offer support, treatment, and guidance to youth and their families. Their programs help more than 8,500 children annually. Their program deals with issues related to abuse, neglect, educational deficits, mental health, drug addiction and homelessness.

Looking Glass Station 7 is an emergency shelter for runaway and homeless youth between the ages of 11-17

This program also houses a 24-hour crisis intervention hotline (541) 689-3111 that is available to anyone and anyone seeking guidance or assistance in a time of need.

LGBTQ Youth Group
Fridays, 4:00 - 6:00
Amazon Community Center
2700 Hilyard, Eugene
For ages 13 - 18
Support - Friends - Info - Snacks
Drop-in - confidential - adult-facilitated - free
More info: 541-682-5373

LGBTQ Youth Group poster
LGBTQ Youth resources

All About Pronouns pdf

LGBTQ Youth Group