General LGBTQ Groups

UO LGBTQ Faculty and Graduate Student Mixer and Group
Come mix with LGBTQ faculty, staff, and graduate students (as well as allies). Gathering dates and location vary, please join their facebook group to learn more information. 

GLBT Movie Night Group
The purpose or mission of the group is to provide an opportunity to view, enjoy and discuss GLBT films. The films to be shown are "GLBT" in that they contain GLBT themes or involve the work of GLBT actors, directors, writers, etc. Anyone interested in GLBT films is welcome and encouraged to attend. Group participants are invited and encouraged to host, but there is never any obligation to do so. A group discussion will be held after each film is shown.  We start the film at 7:30pm, but start arriving at 7:00pm to socialize and chat. We view the film at the home (or other chosen location) of one of our members. The hostess or host welcomes the movie group EVERY Thursday night for one month, then we move to another member's place for the next month, and so on. Although we started with a core group of 10-15 people, we've recently been having steady turnouts of about 20+ people!  If you're interested in joining this group, just show up or email me, and I'll add your email address to the group's email list. Membership in this group is FUN and FREE! :) We are open to men, women, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender people, straight allies, and anyone else who enjoys watching films about the GLBT community.  You can also get information by visiting our Facebook page.

Rainbow Kennel Club
A non-profit club for LGBTQ and their dogs. We hold the annual Dog Show at the Gay Pride Festival. For more info, call Bonnie at 683-2793, or 954-1066.

Rainbow Rascals (Lesbian & Gay Parenting Group)
Rainbow Rascals is a group open to gay and lesbian parents of children of similar ages who get together for fun and support. They meet from 10:00-12:00 the 2nd Saturday of the month. For more information, call Aquene at 344-5847.

Spin Cycle Squares
Folks with limited Square Dance experience get in for free to explore the intro level dancing. If you have friends who might like to try GBLTQA Square Dancing please invite them to this dance! All activities are at Trinity United Methodist Church, 440 Maxwell Rd., unless otherwise noted.  Call for info at 541-746-4192.

Talkie Walkies
The Talkie Walkies are a diverse queer men's and women's social group that started out as a weekly morning walk with a stop for coffee and conversation. Over the years, we have added other events, including going to movies and dinner out, hikes, attending plays and concerts, camping, going to track meets, and other fun activities. We usually meet every Wednesday at 9 AM at Alton Baker Park and then walk along the Willamette River, with a stop at 5th Street Public Market for coffee and an activity planning meeting. From that meeting, a Talkie Walkie Update, a calendar of upcoming activities, is developed and e-mailed to interested persons. A core group of about 15 people are involved, with over 50 people on the e-mail list who join us for the activities they wish to attend. New folks are welcome!  To receive the Talkie Walkie Update, or for more information, just e-mail Jerry Jacobson.

The Imperial Sovereign Court of the Emerald Empire
The (ISCEE) is a 501 (c) (4) non-profit organization in Lane County, Oregon, that hosts a variety of performances and activities to raise money for other charities. For more information, contact Bill (aka Daphne Storm) or visit their website.

Groups Focused on Women

The Lesbian Connection (TLC)
This queer support group meets at 5:30 pm, second Friday, at 5th Street Market Food Court in Eugene. Fore more information, call 683-2793.

Womenspace (DV)

Womenspace has started a new support group for any one who is or has been in an abusive(verbal and/or physical) relationship with a same sex partner, including anyone who has concerns about a friend possibily in such a relationship. Group is free and childcare can be provided. Meeting time is Tuesday eves. from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at 1577 Pearl street. Call 485-7262 or 302-2417 and leave a message.

Rainbow Women Dinner Group - 1st & 3rd Saturdays, 5pm
We meet the 1st & 3rd Sat. of each month at 5pm. Location varies. We also look forward to gathering at other times for movies, potlucks, Sunday brunches, etc. To be added to the e-mail list, call Bonnie at 683-2793. Hope to see you there!!

Soromundi: Lesbian Chorus of Eugene
Soromundi is a community of women who love to sing together. We meet weekly from September to June, and average about 15 performances a season. We are open to any woman wanting to sing with us. “Soromundi comes together in song to celebrate ourselves and our community. We work to improve our musical abilities and aspire to empower ourselves through music. We also work to foster an appreciation of diversity and accessibility. We create a visible expression of lesbian pride.” Visit their website for more information.

Wild Women Saturday Coffee Club
We meet at 10 am to 12 pm every Saturday, at a variety of coffee shops in town. Please send an email for location info or to be put on the mailing list.

Groups Focused on Men

Men's Forum Potluck

We are a group of non-heterosexual men that meets twice a month at various homes for informal potluck dinners and sociability, usually attended by 20-40 men at 7:00 PM. For more information, call Orlin at (541)344-5907.