Student Leadership

Members of the LGBTQA community are some of the strongest leaders on our campus.
Visit this page to find out about the many opportunities offered for students to create a name
for themselves.

Student Organizations

With over 250 student organizations on the University of Oregon campus, there is a way for
every student to get involved. This page details the specific LGBTQA organizations and how
to get involved.

Annual Programs

The LGBTQA-community is a busy and active community on campus. Learn more about the many
different programs we plan each year to keep the spirit alive.

Social Opportunities

Students are busy people and they need time to unwind. That is why individuals in the LGBTQA
community have created several different social groups where members can come together to chat, hang
out, relax, and find support from their peers.


Find out more about the Oregon Pride, the University of Oregon's LGBTQA Alumni Group.